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Vacuum Plasma Treatment Resources

 Case Studies

pdf downloadDyne Technology Ltd, the UK and Irelands number one Plasma Treating equipment supplier and trusted advisers for solving the problems of adhesion, metal cleaning solutions and improving wettability, have struck up a partnership with the Orolia Group. .

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Retrac Composites reached out to Dyne Technology engineers when facing when having difficulty achieving a strong bond to their low volume production of PEEK and composite materials.

pdf downloadInca Digital Printers reached out to Dyne Technology after already attending a popular Surface Activation training day at Dyne Technology’s Lichfield laboratory and training site.

pdf downloadThe luxury automotive manufacturer who needs little introduction, Aston Martin, have utilised Plasma Treating into their manufacturing process.

Vacuum Plasma Treatment in action…

The vacuum plasma treatment unit a great deal of flexibility for the surface activation of a wide range of substrates.

The flexibility in the size and type of the treatment chambers allow engineers a large degree of control over the unit. The chamber size of the unit is bespoke and built to order while using the same parts and processes as all other vacuum plasma units, allowing engineers to have confidence in the reliability of the unit as all of our units have a proven track record of excellent performance.

Find out more about how vacuum plasma could help optimise your performance process, solve your problems of adhesion, and enhance your research and design processes.

How does the VacuTEC work?

Using a vacuum pump most of the air is removed from a sealed chamber. When the chamber reaches the required level of remaining air (or other gas used) it is then subjected to a strong electrical field. The strong electrical field ionises air and other gases, this super ionised air, which is also known as plasma, fills the Plasma Chamber.

The plasma occupies the chamber for a pre-determined time and can be used for surface modification of large, 3D or cleaning. Find out more about the science of vacuum plasma.