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Case Studies

downloadIconbAtmospheric Plasma has provided one easy solution for Brandon Medical Company. Brandon Medical are experts in the field of medical lighting design with over 40 years of healthcare experience and reached out to Dyne Technology when looking to solve the problems of adhesion.

downloadIconbRobotic Air Plasma improves adhesion qualities for prestigious automotive supplier, Wipac Ltd. Wipac faced the age old problems of adhesion when seeking to improve the adhesive bond of their rear lighting chrome plated plastic embellishers. Wipac required the production solution to be efficient, cost effective and highly flexible and sought advice from Dyne Technology.

downloadIconbAutomated Plasma Treatment System provides targeted surface preparation of solar panels. The automated Plasma system designed for the customer’s requirement comes equipped with four adjustable plasma nozzles to perfectly solve their problems of adhesion.

Atmospheric Plasma Articles

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