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Corona Treatment

Corona Treatment by Dyne TechnologyCorona Treatment offers a solution to the problem of bonding to plastics and is becoming more prevalent throughout UK manufacturing and engineering due to the increasing use of polyolefins within manufacturing. Polyolefins, such as Polypropylene, alongside composite blends such as Carbon Fibre have a low surface energy. The low polarity of these materials means that achieving adhesion is at best, difficult and often near impossible.

Dyne Technology supplies Corona Treatment solutions to improve the surface energy of “non-stick” polymers prior to bonding, coating and printing processes. Corona Treatment equipment is widely used throughout a diverse range of industries throughout the UK and Ireland, from Automotive to Aerospace and Medical Devices to Motorsport. Corona Treatment is typically used within in-line processes but is also suitable for batch manufacturing.

Corona Treatment improves adhesion quality

Corona Treatment creates a high voltage, high frequency corona discharge in close proximity to the component that requires treating. The high energy corona discharge is attracted to the material severing the molecular bonds on the surface.

As a result, these severed bonds are now free to attach to free radicals and other particles that occur within the corona discharge environment, which is highly active due to the partial ionisation of the surrounding atmosphere. As a result, additional polar groups form on the materials surface and have a strong chemical affinity to the coatings, paints, adhesives and sealants that were once repelled.

Example Components:

  • Conductive & non-conductive web materials from labels to wide web
  • Conductive and non-conductive extruded profiles
  • 3D components up to 100 mm deep
  • Flat sheet materials e.g. Corex
  • Board and foam
  • Electrical cables

Application Examples:

  • Treatment of HDPE bottles prior to printing
  • Treatment of extruded pipes prior to printing
  • Treatment of syringe barrels prior to printing
  • Treatment of electrical cable treatment prior to printing
  •  Treatment of needle hubs prior to bonding
  • Treatment of Polypropylene sheets prior to bonding
  • Treatment of ophthalmic lenses

How do I know what’s right for me?

Not sure whether to Atmospheric Plasma, Vacuum Plasma or Corona Treatment is right for you? The right method of surface modification is dependent upon a large number of factors including line speed, the material undergoing treatment, the shape of the component and the application.

The Dyne Technology technical engineers have over 40 years practical experience and as a result, possess unrivaled knowledge and expertise on how to solve the problems of adhesion.

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