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Rotating Atmospheric Plasma – SpinTEC

Question ButtonDyne Technology, the UK and Ireland’s Number One Plasma Treating supplier, is proud to announce the arrival of the NEW and highly anticipated Rotating Atmospheric Plasma system, SpinTEC.

Rotating Atmospheric Plasma NozzleThe SpinTEC is composed of two Atmospheric Plasma nozzles mounted on a high speed motor which has the ability to rotate at up to 1000 rpm, allowing materials to be treated at high line speeds. Manufactured using our tried and tested PlasmaTEC-X system, this high technology, high performance Plasma unit is composed of two Atmospheric Plasma nozzles mounted on a high speed motor.

SpinTEC rotates at 1000 rpm, perfect for those with high line speeds and can treat areas from 40mm to 150mm using only two Plasma Nozzles. Manufacturing heat sensitive materials? No problem, SpinTEC’s reduced heat output now allows you to treat materials sensitive to heat, for example thin plastic films, PP, PE, PEEK etc. which wouldn’t be suitable for surface activation using traditional Atmospheric Plasma systems due to the higher temperature Plasma output.

Materials suitable for Rotating Atmospheric Plasma Treatment:

  • Non-stick” Plastics such as Polypropylene, Polyethylene and more…
  • Plastic films PP, PE, PEEK etc.
  • Composite blendsSpinTEC - Rotating Atmospheric Plasma demo
  • EPDM and rubber
  • Metals
  • Wood

Which parts can undergo treatment?

  • Extruded products
  • Automotive components
  • Web materials
  • Profiles
  • Wood/composite blends

What makes Rotating Atmospheric Plasma special?


AirTEC ensures that the Plasma discharge is always operating at its optimum performance. How? SpinTEC continuously monitors air pressure and volume, this ensures a constant flow of air at all times. AirTEC technology also automatically adjusts the air flow of the discharge regardless of changes to the cable/hose length, meaning no adjustments are necessary but arguably more importantly, reduced compressed air usage which has the potential to bring big cost savings.

AirTEC ensures the unit is consistently performing at its optimum level. This simple to use unit boasts plug and play technology, simply connect the compressed air and you are ready to go!

Potential Free Discharge

Perfect for the treatment of both conductive and non-conductive materials.

High Speed Treatment

Our high speed and high power Plasma allows for fast treatment times. This high technology unit can treat up areas from 40mm to 150mm, something difficult to achieve with traditional Atmospheric Plasma units.

Control Signals

A large number of signals are available on a digital interface to give you control and monitor the Plasma discharge at all times, giving you control over your manufacturing process.

Standby Air Flow

The airflow is controlled electronically which allows for switching on and off. An optional small flow of air is available as stand-by and this avoids dust being attracted to the plasma discharge nozzle ensuring optimum nozzle cleanliness.

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