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Revolutionary Atmospheric Plasma Equipment

With unrivaled performance, the PlasmaTEC-X Atmospheric Plasma System is the latest addition to Dyne Technology’s industry leading product portfolio.

Automated Atmospheric PlasmaAre you seeking improved bond strength to “non-stick” polymers or looking to super clean metals, ceramics or glass? If the answer is yes, then we have the perfect solution for you! The all-new PlasmaTEC-X offers an economic, efficient and environmentally friendly solution to those facing problems with adhesion, surface cleanliness and surface wetting.

Atmospheric Plasma Equipment could optimise your manufacturing process?

From Automotive to Aerospace, Medical Plastics to Motorsport, the rising use of “non-stick” polymers, such as Polypropylene and composite blends such as Carbon Fibre have resulted in achieving a strong bond to these materials being at best difficult, but often impossible. Atmospheric Plasma is also excellent for the surface cleaning and preparation of metals, glass and ceramics prior to bonding, printing and coating applications.

The PlasmaTEC-X at a glance

Compact and Lightweight

  • More than 50% smaller than traditional Atmospheric Plasma units
  • Eight Plasma Nozzles are easily operated from one control box
  • Small footprint, high performance system with high power density ensuring high treatment levels

Easy Integration

  • Start treating quickly with our plug and play system
  • Fast exchange nozzle assembly
  • Selectable nozzle cable length of up to 8 meters
  • Need to add more nozzles? No problem with our plug and play technology

Boost Mode

  • Increase your plasma output by up to 50% with all new “Boost Mode”
  • Perfect for high line speeds and those seeking higher levels of surface activation and cleanliness

Air Save Mode

  • Automatically adjusting air pressure and flow guarantees optimum performance levels

Timer ModeQuestion Button

  • Easy to set up timer mode
  • Excellent for integration with robotics
  • Each Plasma Nozzle can have independent operating profiles to perfectly meet your manufacturing needs

Air Save

  • When adding Plasma Nozzles, extending Plasma Nozzle cable length or adjusting your manufacturing process, the unit automatically adjusts air pressure and flow to the optimum levels required
  • The PlasmaTEC-X monitors air pressure and flow to ensure the unit is continuously running at optimum performance, ensuring high quality and consistent treatment levels

Air Clean

  • Optional Air Clean mode for the cleaning of the Plasma Nozzle when not in use
  • A tiny flow of air ensures no dust is collected inside the Plasma Nozzle
  • Clean nozzle ensures optimum performance is guaranteed

Plasma TEC X 1 sæt CC (003)The PlasmaTEC-X is over 50% smaller than traditional Atmospheric Plasma systems, saving all-important floor space while being the most intelligent, efficient and effective Atmospheric Plasma Treatment system supplied by Dyne Technology.

Although small in size, the PlasmaTEC-X boasts plug and play technology with fast ramp up times; the unit’s high technology features ensure ease of integration into your production facilities. With the unique ability to operate eight Plasma Nozzles from one control unit and with supply cables reaching up to 8 meters, the PlasmaTEC-X offers flexibility to fit perfectly within your manufacturing process.

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