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Atmospheric Plasma Treatment

Atmospheric-Plasma-NozzleAtmospheric Plasma solutions can sometimes be referred to as “air plasma” or a “plasma jet” and offers an innovative solution to adhesion and wetting problems across many industries due to the versatility the technology provides.

The increased use of traditionally “non-stick” polymers, including Polyethylene, Polypropylene and composite blends with added glass or carbon fibre, continue to be a popular choice for engineers but unfortunately, these materials are “non-stick”.

What are the benefits of Atmospheric Plasma?

  • Affordable, easy to justify investment with low running costs
  • High uptime and high reliability
  • Suitable for high line speeds
  • Small footprint
  • High treatment level – up to 72 Dynes/cm
  • Potential free discharge
  • Low temperature radiated to parts

How it works…

The area in front of a highly active Plasma Nozzle is highly active and is an excellent method of increasing the polarity of plastics. The treated material’s polarity is increased as the free radicals and other active particles that exist within the highly active plasma discharge attach to the material’s surface which forms additional polar groups. Polarity is key to adhesion as it enhances the chemical attraction to paints, adhesives, inks, etc., which therefore increases the strength of adhesion that can be achieved.

Atmospheric Plasma is also an excellent option for the cleaning of metals, glass and ceramics, Plasma Treatment ensures product cleanliness as plasma cleaning removes foreign contaminants present on a material’s surface.


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