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Plasma Treatment Technology

Atmospheric Plasma, Vacuum Plasma and Corona Treatment all have their own unique benefits and the method of Plasma Treating  which is right for you will be heavily dependent on your manufacturing process and the parts undergoing treatment.

Question ButtonThe Dyne Technology technical engineers are on hand to provide trusted advice to those seeking to implement Plasma Treatment into their manufacturing process; With over 40 years’ practical industry experience across a wide range of industries, get in touch with our technical engineers today to determine if Plasma Treatment is right for you.

Plasma Treatment equipment available:

Atmospheric Plasma Surface Treating

Atmospheric Plasma, ideal for:

  • In line processes & integration with automation
  • High line speeds
  • Targeted large and small treatment areas
  • Ideal for extrusions

Vacuum Plasma Treatment of Plastics

Vacuum Plasma, ideal for:

  • Batch processes
  • Research and Development
  • Complex geometry parts

Corona Surface Treating

Corona Treatment, ideal for:

  • Web material
  • Foam and board
  • Large flat sheets
  • Cost effective solutions

Example components suitable for Plasma Treatment:

The Plasma Treatment of Plastics, Rubbers, Metals, Ceramics and Glass is a widely used method of surface activation because of it’s ability to be used on a large variety of components manufactured using an ever increasing list of substrates. Available in a large variety of products to suit your production needs, Surface Treating ensures that whether you are seeking to improve the strength of adhesion to a large sheet of polypropylene or a complex 3 dimensional product, a solution is available to suit your manufacturing needs. Dyne Technology have worked closely on implementing effective and innovative plasma treating solutions on the following components with a variety of the UK and Ireland’s leading manufacturers:

  • Conductive and non-conductive narrow webs
  • Electrical cables
  • Pipes and tubes
  • Medical devices
  • Automotive components
  • Board and foam
  • 3D parts
  • Extruded profiles
  • Domestic appliances
  • And many more

 Can’t find what you’re looking for?

The Dyne Technology technical team are always on hand to help you find the ideal Plasma Treatment equipment for the job. You can chat to an expert by calling The Dyne Technology Centre on +44(0) 1543 411 460 or by emailing