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Plasma Treatment within Research and Development

Question ButtonSurface modification offers engineers a wealth of potential innovation when utilised within R&D. Plasma widens the choice of new development materials available without compromising performance. Utilising Plasma within R&D means that materials that are not traditionally possible to bond to can be considered as a viable alternative to their higher cost easy to bond to counterparts. Plasma Treatment also eliminates the need for harsh solvent based pre-treatments.

Laboratory VacuLABDiscover highly versatile Plasma technology; Atmospheric Plasma is easily reprogrammed to allow for research to be undertaken on a variety of different sized components and substrates. The VacuTEC Vacuum Plasma unit is also highly efficient, the large plasma chamber allows for the testing of a wide variety of components and substrates providing engineers with a variety of innovative surface modification options. Vacuum Plasma is also available in a laboratory sized unit, the VacuLAB; ideal for testing a vast range of components and substrates across a wide range of facilities, from the factory floor to education and research institutions.

No damage to the materials surface!

Atmospheric Plasma Surface ModificationIn the past, materials that are easily damaged upon contact with heat, such as glass filled polypropylene, were not able to be treated without being damaged. Alternative methods available for surface modification such as flame torch treatment are known to damage composite materials. The exposure, no matter how short, to such a high temperature causes damage to the resin and causes glass fibres to grin through the surface. Once the treated material’s surface begins to grin, the strength of bond that can be achieved after treatment is severely weakened. Plasma treating is a relatively cold process and ensures that there is no damage to composite materials and glass fibres will not grin in any way ensuring a strong bond can be achieved.

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Available Equipment:Vacuum Plasma unit

  • Vacuum Plasma
  • Atmospheric Plasma
  • Low and High Frequency Corona Treatment
  • Cold Plasma
  • Bench Top Robot

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