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Plasma Cleaning Metal

Are you experiencing poor adhesion quality when bonding to metal? Plasma Treating technology could provide the answer. The Dyne Technology team has worked throughout numerous industries with a multitude of parts to super clean metals.

Plasma Cleaning is an easily repeatable, consistent and green alternative to the environmentally damaging volatile solvent based primers and pre-treatment alternatives used to increase bond strength. Our clean, dry Plasma Treatment is highly versatile being perfect for use in industrial processes, is easy to use and integrate into new and existing production environments and is even clean room compatible.

Plasma Cleaning applications:

  • Creating a hydrophilic or hydrophobic surface
  • Flux removal
  • Friction reduction (cross-linking)
  • Increasing biocompatibility
  • Removing surface contamination
  • Surface cleaning prior to bonding, painting, coating and assembly
  • Surface cleaning prior to welding and wire bonding

What options are available to me?

Dyne Technology Ltd supply industry leading Plasma Treatment equipment including Atmospheric and Vacuum Plasma.

Vacuum Plasma is ideal for:

  • Batch processes
  • Research and Development
  • Complex geometry parts
  • Large chambers and small laboratory size units are available

Atmospheric Plasma is ideal for:

  • In line processes & integration with automation
  • High line speeds
  • Targeted large and small treatment areas
  • Ideal for extrusions

How does Plasma Cleaning metal improve bond strength?

Our incredible novel technology super cleans the surface of the material undergoing treatment which in turn increases the strength of bond that can be achieved.

Plasma is created when a gas (usually compressed air) is subjected to a high energy discharge: the gas breaks up into electrons, ions, highly reactive free radicals, short wave UV light photons and other excited particles. When these species are excited by a high energy discharge, they effectively scrub the surface to be cleaned.

Why choose Plasma Cleaning?

  • Dry and clean process
  • Fast and effective treatment
  • Clean room compatibility
  • Highly versatile equipment; Uniform and reproducible process
  • Low energy consumption and a low operating cost
  • Easy to use and integrate into production environment
  • Environmentally friendly

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