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Plasma Cleaning Glass

Plasma Cleaning GlassHaving difficulty bonding to glass? The Dyne Technology team has over 40 years’ practical experience and expertise; throughout this time, it’s not surprising that they have worked on more than their fair share of Plasma Cleaning glass applications.

Plasma Cleaning glass is commonplace throughout the UK and Ireland’s manufacturing industries to increase adhesion to glass. Whether you are working with glass bottles and jars, large or small glass sheets, windows or perhaps even solar panels, the Dyne Technology team has the experience to help you improve adhesion strength when bonding to glass.

Example Plasma Cleaning Glass Applications

  • Treating glass bottles prior to inkjet printing
  • Treatment of glass jars and bottles prior to label application with water based adhesive
  • Treatment of large glass sheets prior to coating applications
  • Treatment of glass bottles prior to metal and plastic decoration application with UV cured adhesives

Plasma Treatment of Glass Prior to Bonding

Like many other materials, to the naked eye the surface of glass appears to be perfectly flat, however when viewed at a microscopic level the surface of glass can be quite rough

Plasma Cleaning Glass Jars
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The uneven surface of glass with high and low points attracts organic contaminants to settle in the most microscopic of spaces. When attempting bonding to glass, the presence of organic contaminants in these hidden microscopic grooves can severely hinder the adhesion quality that can be achieved.

Plasma Cleaning improves the adhesion to glass because of its super cleaning qualities. Plasma Cleaning is achieved when the gas (usually compressed air) being used to create the plasma is subjected to a high energy discharge, the gas is then broken up into ions, electrons, free radicals and other excited particles. These excited particles scrub the surface of the glass clean, even in those hard to reach peaks and troughs on a microscopic level, removing organic contamination from the surface.

eco_friendlyPlasma’s super cleaning qualities are consistent and reliable, ensuring that all organic contaminants are removed from the materials surface, even cleaning deeply throughout microscopic peaks and troughs of the glass surface; Plasma Treating will ensure you achieve consistent, high quality bond strength time and time again.

Plasma Treating prior to adhesion, printing and coating applications provides a cost effective, environmentally friendly and more importantly, easily repeatable process to guarantee high performance adhesion to glass.

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