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Plasma Treatment Applications

Plasma Treatment provides a wealth of opportunity and across many industries and has a proven track record of optimising manufacturing processes and overcoming the problems of adhesion.

Plasma Treatment Applications

  • Improve adhesion to plastics, metals, ceramics, glass and more.
  • Plasma Cleaning of plastics, metals, glass and more
  • Plasma Treatment within R&D

Why explore Plasma Treating?

Whether you are looking to solve the problems of adhesion, surface wetting or surface cleanliness, Plasma Treating presents a truly versatile, economic, efficient and effective solution.

Whether your production process is in-line or batch , Plasma Treating offers flexibility to meet your production needs. Whether you are working with large flatsheets, web materials, extrusions or complex 3 dimensional parts, Plasma Treatment is sure to offer a solution for you.

Atmospheric Plasma Treatment ApplicationsOur vast product range including Atmospheric Plasma and Vacuum Plasma ensures that Dyne Technology engineers are best placed to find the best Plasma Treating technology to suit your manufacturing and engineering needs.

Utilising this forward thinking and innovative process within manufacturing presents a wealth of opportunities such as dramatically broadening the scope of materials available for use by engineers. This novel technology has allowed many manufacturers to leap frog their competitors and gain a significant competitive advantage within their market place.

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