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Plasma Surface Treatment

Plasma Surface Treatment offers an innovative solution to those facing problems with adhesion, surface cleaning and wetting. Surface activation is often used prior to printing, painting, varnishing, coating and bonding processes.

Improving bond strength to “non-stick” plastics…

Plasma Surface Treatment

The low surface energy of materials such as polypropylene and polyethylene, popular substrates used within many manufacturing industries, leaves many engineers with a common problem. Achieving strong adhesion to these polymers is at best, very difficult and often impossible. When adhesion is attempted it is often found that printing inks rub off and bonding will fail due to the material’s low surface energy.

Plasma Super Cleaning

Plasma Surface Treatment of MetalsFor those seeking removal of foreign contaminants present on a material’s surface, plasma is an excellent option for the cleaning of materials prior to adhesion.

Plasma Treatment of metals, also known as Plasma Cleaning, is achieved when the gas being used to create the plasma is subjected to a high energy discharge, the gas is then broken up into ions, electrons, free radicals and other excited particles. These excited particles effectively scrub the surface of the substrate clean, removing organic contamination from the surface.

Environmentally friendly, economically efficient

eco_friendlyPlasma Surface Treatment offers a safe alternative to highly hazardous surface treatment methods such as flame torch treatment and environmentally damaging primers containing a high level of solvents, the relatively low temperatures of plasma ensure that there is no damage to the part in any way. Peace of mind is provided for those working with composite materials as the materials will not be damaged or marked during treatment.

Plasma Surface Modification is the unsung problem solver of manufacturing industry and something many engineers do not discover until faced with the problems of adhesion. Also at the forefront of materials research and development throughout many industries, Plasma Surface Treatment can be used to optimise manufacturing output, from new product development all the way to production on the factory floor.

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