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Plastic Cards

Question ButtonThe Dyne Technology team has over 40 years of practical experience of supplying solutions into the UK and Ireland’s manufacturing industries.

/>The use of Atmospheric Plasma Surface Treatment Technology is ideally suited to the high performance demands of the plastic card industry. Atmospheric Plasma treatment is inherently clean and free from any electrical potential, making it the perfect surface preparation technology and ensuring that card surfaces are cleaned and in perfect condition to receive inks or laminations.

Plasma Treatment of Plastic Cards

Our experience covers provision of innovative and efficient solutions to an ever growing range of Plastic Card printing applications including:

  • Surface Activation prior to DOD printing
  • Surface Activation Prior to Encapsulation
  • Surface Activation prior to UV printing
  • Surface Activation prior to Bar coding
  • Surface cleaning
  • Preparation before laminating

We have been called upon to supply solutions to surface treat a growing range Plastic Cards:

  • Atmospheric Plasma Plastic Card Printing
    Atmospheric Plasma Treatment from Dyne Technology

    Plastic Cards

  • Smart Cards
  • Loyalty Cards
  • Hotel Key Cards
  • Photo ID Cards
  • Gift Cards
  • Library Cards
  • Key Fob Cards
  • Phone cards
  • Mini cards


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