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The Dyne Technology team has over 40 years of practical experience of supplying solutions into the UK and Irelands manufacturing industries.

As the UK and Ireland’s leading Plasma Treating supplier, we offer above industry standard knowledge and expertise and the widest choice of high performance, state of Question Buttonthe art surface treatment technologies including Atmospheric Plasma and Vacuum Plasma.

Improving motorsport engineering across a wide range of components….

Our experience covers provision of innovative and efficient solutions to an ever growing range of Motorsport engineering applications including:

  • Preparation before bonding
  • Preparation before painting
  • Preparation before sealing
  • Preparation before gasketing
  • Surface cleaning of metals and composites
  • Surface activation

We have been called upon to supply solutions to surface treat a growing range Motorsport components including:

  • Suspension components 
  • Control consoles
  • Exterior trim
  • Engine control units
  • Brake control unit
  • Electrical connectors

Plasma Treating is often used to improve surface wetting and solving the problems of adhesion to “non-stick” materials including polymers, composite blends and metals throughout motorsport engineering and manufacturing. Our relatively cold plasma is safe to use on composite blends, ensuring no heat damage to the treated material.

Plasma Treating allows you to discover lighter materials that are not traditionally possible to bond to, saving important weight and achieving a stronger bond on a smaller surface area.

Why Plasma Cleaning? Leave harsh chemical treatments behind and discover environmentally friendly, economical and effective Plasma Cleaning for the removal of organic contaminants from the material’s surface.

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