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Foam and Board

DYNE logoThe Dyne Technology team has over 40 years of practical experience of supplying solutions into the UK and Ireland’s manufacturing industries.

The UK and Ireland’s leading Plasma Treating supplier, we offer above industry standard knowledge and expertise and the widest choice of high performance, state of the art surface treatment technologies including:

  • Atmospheric Plasma
  • Low frequency Corona
  • High Frequency Corona

Treatment of  Foams and Boards

Dyne Technology offers a wide range of Corona Treatment technology developed specifically for the treatment of foam, board, thick materials e.g. expanded PE, PP, PS and PVC foam boards (EPE/EPP/EPS/EPVC), as well as a large variety of expanded and corrugated plastic boards.

Our experience covers provision of innovative and efficient solutions to an ever growing range of Foam and Board applications including:

  • Surface preparation before paintingPlasma Treating Foam and Board
  • Surface preparation before adhesive application
  • Surface activation
  • Surface preparation before bonding
  • Surface preparation before laminating
  • Surface activation prior to printing

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Call us logoPlasma Treatment provides a high performance, repeatable and safety critical method of surface treatment, if you’d like to speak to the UK and Ireland’s Number One supplier of Plasma Treatment, Dyne Technology, get in touch.

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