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Electrical Components

Plasma-Cleaning-of-Electrical-CircuitsThe Dyne Technology team has over 40 years of practical experience of supplying solutions into the UK and Ireland’s manufacturing industries. As the UK and Ireland’s leading Plasma Treating supplier, we offer above industry standard knowledge and expertise and the widest choice of high performance, state of the art surface treatment technologies including Atmospheric and Vacuum Plasma.

Determining which Plasma Treatment method is perfect for you is determined by a number of factors including substrate being treated, component shape and your manufacturing process.

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Our experience covers provision of innovative and efficient solutions to an ever growing range of electrical components applications including:

  • Plasma Surface Activation
  • Surface activation prior to printing, potting and bonding
  • Surface Activation prior to conformal coatings
  • Preparation prior bonding
  • Cleaning of circuit boards
  • Water cleaning
  • Anti-static surface cleaning
  • Potential free cleaning

Will Plasma Treating damage electrical components?

Plasma-Cleaning of Electrical ComponentsPlasma treating is ideal for the high demands of the electrical manufacturing industry. The inherently clean treatment process is free from any electrical potential, making it the perfect surface preparation for components containing electrical circuits. The clean, potential free discharge ensures that circuits are not subjected to electrical discharge during the treating process for both surface activation and surface cleaning.

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