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Education and Research

DYNE logoThe Dyne Technology team has over 40 years of practical experience of supplying solutions into the UK and Ireland’s manufacturing industries. As the UK and Ireland’s leading Plasma Treating supplier, we offer above industry standard knowledge and expertise and the widest choice of high performance, state of the art surface treatment technologies including:

  • Atmospheric PlasmaPlasma Treating in Education and Research
  • Laboratory Vacuum Plasma systems
  • Laboratory Bench Top Robots
  • Low frequency Corona
  • Laboratory high frequency Corona
  • Laboratory Contact Angle Meters/Optical Tensiometers

We have worked closely with Education and Research institutions exploring:

  • Plasma Surface Activation
  • Preparation prior to ink jet printing, painting, bonding and many more applications
  • Surface cleaning of metal parts

What Components can be Plasma Treated?

Laboratory VacuLAB
The VacuLab ; laboratory Vacuum Plasma

Plasma Treating equipment is popular within education and research institutions due to its versatility. Our laboratory Vacuum Plasma unit has been used within education and research for the surface activation on an ever growing list of substrates and for the cleaning of metals, ceramics and glass.

AP Extrusion 2Atmospheric Plasma is also available to education and research institutions, due to the flexibility of treatment available as it is easily reprogrammed. Easy reprogramming allows the Atmospheric Plasma to be used on a wide range of applications and a wide variety of substrates alongside components of differing size and shape.

Surface Measurement

Question ButtonDyne Testing Ltd offers a range of Contact Angle Meters for surface energy testing of films or solid substrates which are used widely in Education and Research. Rugged and simple-to-use the Theta, Theta Lite and the Theta Contact Angle Meters offer highly repeatable and analytical tools for measuring the contact angle on a variety of substrates.

Surface Testing Equipment Education and ResearchContact Angle Measurement is the preferred and most accurate method of much vital laboratory measurement and research for determining the interactions at the solid/gas/liquid interface. The Contact Angle Meter is an ideal industrial or academic tool for product development and R&D engineers who require repeatability and precision. Using the contact angle meter you can compare the effects of a range of surface treatments and gather data that correlates to various surface conditions e.g. lubricity, wettability, surface energy etc.

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