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As the UK and Ireland’s leading Plasma Treating supplier, Dyne Technology offer above industry standard knowledge and expertise alongside the widest choice of high performance, state of the art surface treatment technologies including Atmospheric Plasma, Vacuum Plasma and Corona Treatment.

Question ButtonThe most appropriate method of surface treatment for you is highly dependent upon the material undergoing treatment, the components shape and your manufacturing
process; If you would like support in solving your problems of adhesion, why not get in touch?

Plasma Treatment within Aerospace Engineering

The Dyne Technology engineers have well over 40 years practical experience and are proud to be the trusted adviser to the UK and Ireland’s manufacturing industries. The Dyne Technology engineers possess above industry standard knowledge and expertise making them true experts in solving the problems of adhesion, surface wetting and surface cleanliness.

Atmospheric-Plasma-TreatmentPlasma Treating is an economical, efficient and environmentally friendly treatment method which has a proven track record of bringing high cost savings, powering innovation and optimising manufacturing processes.

Working closely with engineers throughout the aerospace industry, the Dyne Technology team has continued to add to their already extensive experience of Plasma Treating applications to solve a number of problems throughout aerospace engineering.

Our experience covers the provision of innovative and efficient solutions to an ever growing range of aerospace applications including:

  • Plasma surface activation
  • Material preparation prior to bonding and painting, etc.
  • Super cleaning of metal parts

What components have we worked with?

Plasma Treating Aerospace EngineeringDyne Technology has worked closely with aerospace engineering and manufacturing professions to find the perfect solution for surface activation of a wide range of components.Components we have worked with include:

  • Plasma Treatment of Cables
  • Electrical cables before printing
  • Electrical connectors before bonding
  • Removal of mould release from composite materials
  • Surface preparation before painting
  • Surface cleaning

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Call us logoPlasma Treatment provides a high performance, repeatable and safety critical method of surface treatment, if you’d like to speak to the UK and Ireland’s Number One supplier of Plasma Treatment, Dyne Technology, get in touch. You can call our technical engineers on +44(0) 1543 411 460 or email