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Plasma Treating: Before and after

Across a wealth of industries Plasma Surface Treatment has the proven capability to optimise manufacturing processes while solving the problems of adhesion, wetting and surface cleanliness. From Automotive to Aerospace, Motorsport to Medical Plastics, Plasma Surface Treatment has a proven track record of solving unique customer problems.

Within our dedicated industry category, Dyne Technology share their experience of some of the problems faced within your industry and how Plasma Surface Treatment has saved the day.

Question ButtonWith over 40 years practical industry experience, the Dyne Technology engineers’ are well placed to share their above industry standard knowledge and expertise to help you overcome problems with adhesion, wetting and surface cleanliness. However, you don’t just have to take our word for it, why not read some of our case studies featuring well-known names from Aston Martin to STERIS Healthcare?

Corona Plasma Surface TreatmentHowever the story often doesn’t end once the problem has been resolved and the installation of plasma treating equipment in factories is completed, this is where a new story begins.  Plasma Surface Treatment provides a wealth of innovation at your fingertips, having access to our novel technology enhances Research and Design and has allowed our customers to leap frog their competitors and maintain competitive advantage.

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Call us logoThe Dyne Technology engineers practical experience spans well over 40 years across countless industries. If you can’t find your industry listed, please do not hesitate to get in touch as one of our Plasma Surface Modification experts will be on hand to assist you.