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Vacuum Plasma Provides Quality Adhesion for Magna Interiors and Exteriors



Magna Exteriors and Interiors, a wholly-owned operating unit of Magna International and global supplier of interior products and systems for the automotive industry has teamed up with UK Company Dyne Technology Ltd for improving the adhesion quality when bonding their interior trim systems.
An interior supplier with a focus on innovation, Magna Exteriors and Interiors offer a wide array of products including sidewall and trim, cockpit, cargo management and overhead systems.  Magna teamed up with Dyne Technology when seeking a trusted adviser to find a solution to their problem of adhesion. The high quality interior trim mouldings Magna produce are made from a traditionally “non-stick” material and require surface activation prior to glue application and bonding.

Vacuum Plasma provides perfect solution

The team faced the age-old problem of obtaining good adhesion to low surface energy material’s i.e. low or non-polar materials like PP, PE, HDPE etc. The solution to their problems of adhesion was a Vacuum Plasma unit. Vacuum Plasma surface activation increases the polarity of the surface of the treated material, which significantly contributes to increased bond strength. Dyne Technology engineers worked closely with Magna throughout the project conducting a large range of process trials and studies before agreeing a detailed specification.

The unit is composed of a large vacuum plasma chamber, using a vacuum pump most of the air is removed from this sealed chamber. The chamber pressure will then reach the required level of remaining air (or other gas) and is subjected to a strong electrical field. This strong electrical field ionises air and other gases, this super ionised air, also known as plasma then occupies the Plasma chamber.

“Dyne Technology are the perfect partner for us, they were with us every step of the way. The Dyne Technology team took time to listen to our problems and concerns before coming up with a good solution.  The plasma system has proved reliable, is simple to operate and easy to maintain. Treatment has been uniform even on parts with a more complex geometry and the life of the treatment has exceeded our expectations” – Robin Hill, Technical Manager – Magna Exteriors and Interiors

Economic, efficient and environmentally friendly

eco_friendlyThe easy to use plasma unit installed at Magna Exteriors and Interiors by Dyne Technology engineers has a capacity of nearly 750 Ltrs two internal treatment trays. The vacuum plasma chamber is mounted on wheels to allow easy relocation within the production facility and comes complete with its own vacuum pump. Magna were able to further reduce costs by adding a second pump to the unit to further increase the efficiency of the unit which reduced the overall cycle time. The highly efficient unit, has a reduced footprint, with an automated rise and fall door to ensure space savings. Easy to operate, the unit comes equipped with easy one button operation, ensuring ease of use which in turn, has the potential to further optimise manufacturing

Question ButtonThe installation of the unit has given Magna the ability to take control of their manufacturing process. By moving the plasma surface activation process in house, this eliminates the need to use external suppliers to treat parts prior to construction which reduces costs and most importantly, ensures consistent treatment.

Are you having problems with adhesion?

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