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Vacuum Plasma Surface Activation Drives Innovation for Inca Digital



Surface ActivationInca Digital Printers is an industry leader in the design, development and manufacturing of inkjet printers for the print industry. To date, their work has focused on equipment for the POS sector, but the highly adaptable technology is suitable for other industrial applications and is an important area for future growth.

DYNE logo Inca Digital Printers reached out to Dyne Technology after attending a popular Surface Activation training day at Dyne Technology’s Lichfield laboratory and training site. Recognising the pivotal importance of R&D for their future success, surface activation technology, Vacuum Plasma, was the investment of choice for Inca Digital after seeing the positive results they were looking for when undergoing trials at their site in Cambridge, UK.

“Dyne Technology had already treated some of our own components, and we had seen dramatic improvements to the bond strength. Seeing the unit working confirmed my decision to buy. The Dyne Technology “Tantec” Vacuum Plasma Treatment system delivers excellent results when we treat our PEEK and metal components prior to adhesive application. The compact design of the unit means we can easily move it to other locations within the building and be up and running in minutes.” – Dr Will Eve, Director of Technology – Inca Digital Printers

Solving the problems of adhesion…

Dyne Technology Bench Top Vacuum Plasma surface activation unit, is a cost effective solution to the problems many industries face when attempting adhesion to low surface energy materials. The unit supplied by Dyne Technology Ltd has given Inca Digital Printers an increased Research and Design capability, expanding their options in materials that can achieve a strong glue adhesion. Plasma Surface Activation increases the bond strength that is achievable when gluing, printing or coating and improves overall wettability and polarity of a wide range of parts.  The Bench Top Vacuum Plasma Unit activates the components surface in the same way as a full size Vacuum Plasma unit.

Laboratory Vacuum PlasmaThe bench top surface activation unit comprised of a plasma chamber and it comes equipped with its own pump.  Bench top Vacuum Plasma is ideal for those with low volume production processes and those seeking flexibility. Highly economical and flexible, the portable Vacuum Plasma unit provides a wealth of opportunity to Inca Digital. Bench Top Vacuum Plasma has the capability for the surface activation of extensive range of substrates and components, ideal for Inca Digital’s R&D process.

The equipment is simple to install, requiring only a 240V, 13A electrical supply and can be operational within minutes. The unit is equipped with its own vacuum pump which eliminates the need to hook up the equipment with a separate vacuum supply allowing easy relocation.

Having problems with adhesion?

Call us logoIf you’re facing similar problems with adhesion to “non-stick” plastics like Inca Digital and would like to optimise your manufacturing process, or give your R&D capabilities a boost, get in touch.

Question ButtonDyne Technology engineers are well placed to provide trusted advice and support on how to solve the problems of adhesion and our industry leading Plasma Treatment solutions can help you improve adhesion qualities.

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