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Laboratory Plasma Treatment for Retrac Composites



Plasma Treating Improves AdhesionRetrac Composites Ltd, located in Swindon, Wiltshire, is one of the most advanced composite engineering companies in the world. With a customer base encompassing the major names in Aerospace, Automotive and engineering sectors and cutting edge projects, they are renowned for continually pushing the boundaries in the design and development of composite technology solutions.
Retrac composites reached out to Dyne Technology engineers when having difficulty achieving a strong bond to their low volume production of PEEK and composite materials.  Composite materials such as PEEK often have a low surface energy, this often impacts on the level of adhesion achievable and makes achieving a strong bond at best difficult but often impossible.

Dyne Technology were recommended to Retrac by one of the leading Formula 1 teams.

Seeing the vacuum plasma treatment system working at the Formula 1 technology centre confirmed our decision to buy. The Dyne Technology vacuum plasma treatment system ensures that we achieve the highest surface integrity for our PEEK and composites components treatment prior to bonding, it delivers excellent results every time.” – Daniel Smith, Project Manager, Retrac Composites

Laboratory Plasma Treatment by Dyne Technology

Working closely with the Dyne Technology Engineers, Retrac found Plasma Surface Activation to be the best option for their low volume production process; is a cost effective solution to the problems many industries face when attempting adhesion to low surface energy materials. The unit recommended by Dyne Technology Ltd has given Retrac Composites Ltd the major increase in adhesion they were looking for when bonding their low volume production of PEEK and composite materials.

The bench top unit comprised of a plasma chamber and it comes equipped with its own pump.  Ideal for those with low volume production processes and those seeking flexibility. Highly economical and flexible, the portable Vacuum Plasma chamber provides a wealth of opportunity to Retrac composites. The unit is ideal for treating an extensive range of small metal and plastic components, ideal for Retrac’s ever growing, innovative production list. The unit’s flexibility will undoubtedly open doors for Retrac’s research and design processes as they now have full control of the Plasma Treating process.

The equipment is simple to install, requiring only a 240V, 13A electrical supply and can be operational within minutes. The unit is equipped with its own vacuum pump which eliminates the need to hook up the equipment with a separate vacuum supply, which gives Retrac flexibility, allowing easy relocation.

Retrac have gained full control of the surface activation process which eliminates the need for external treating, this reduces the risk of damage during transit and most importantly, ensures a consistent level of treatment. The operator friendly touch screen control which is easy to use. The key parameters of treatment time and vacuum level are easily operator adjustable, giving Retrac Composites full control of the surface treatment process.

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