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High Technology Vacuum Plasma Replacement Boosts Performance for Amphenol UK

Dyne Technology, the UK and Ireland’s Number One Plasma Treating equipment supplier, have worked closely with renowned interconnect solutions manufacturer, Amphenol UK to upgrade their Plasma Cleaning process.

Amphenol, based in Kent, offer a full design and manufacturing service for a large range of military and industrial connectors and interconnect solutions, including cable assembly, over-moulding and electronic packaging. The Amphenol team reached out to Dyne Technology when seeking to upgrade their Vacuum Plasma unit which was both activated the polymer surface and cleaning the metal made electrical connectors. This dual surface activation process ensures both the metal is clean and the polymer is “activated”, ensuring good adhesion in one uniform process!

How does Plasma Cleaning work?

Plasma treating is ideal for the high demands of the electrical manufacturing industry. The inherently clean treatment process is free from any electrical potential, making it the perfect surface preparation for components containing electrical circuits. The clean, potential free discharge ensures that circuits are not subjected to electrical discharge during the treating process for both surface activation and surface cleaning.

Plasma Cleaning is excellent at removing organic contaminants from the metals surface as within the Plasma are many excited particles, from electrons to short wave UV light photons. When these species are excited by a high energy discharge, they effectively scrub the surface, thoroughly cleaning it.

Vacuum Plasma is ideal for complex geometry parts and ensuring consistent cleanliness, as the high energy discharge effectively cleans difficult to reach areas of the part being treated.

The Vacuum Plasma Chamber

The Vacuum plasma unit was chosen as the ideal replacement for their previous Plasma Treatment system, ideal for cleaning Amphenol’s small and low volume production electrical connectors. The plasma unit offered swift treatment time, increasing Amphenol’s production throughput and the Vacuum Plasma technology ensures that even hard to reach areas are cleaned efficiently, increasing product performance.

Easy to use and set up, requires 240v, 13A electrical supply and comes with its own vacuum pump, making it operational within minutes. Featuring operator friendly touch screen control, the unit is quick and easy to use, with easily adjustable key parameters (i.e. treatment power, time and vacuum level) allowing operators to have total process control.

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