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Vacuum Plasma for F1 Giant Red Bull

For more than a decade, Red Bull Racing has forged a unique path in sport’s most technologically advanced and competitively compelling arena – Formula One.

Red Bull reached out to Dyne Technology when seeking new and advanced technology to both super clean metals and activate the surface of non-stick materials such as PEEK and carbon fibre.

Following in depth discussions with the Dyne Technology Plasma experts, Vacuum Plasma technology was determined to be the best solution for Red Bull due to the flexibility it brings. The large Vacuum Plasma chamber size is compatible with multiple component sizes and multiple parts can undergo treatment at once.

Vacuum Plasma offers a uniform and reproducible process, swift treatment times and ensures optimum adhesion properties for the PEEK, Carbon Fibre and various metal components such as Titanium and Aluminium after undoing Plasma Surface Treatment. Following installation and recognition of all of the benefits Vacuum Plasma added to their R&D and production process, Red Bull purchased a second unit with a considerably bigger chamber size to accommodate  larger components.

How do we Plasma Clean metals?

Our incredible novel technology super cleans the surface of the material undergoing treatment which in turn increases the strength of bond that can be achieved.

Plasma is created when a gas, in this instance and many others, compressed air, is subjected to a high energy discharge: the gas breaks up into electrons, ions, highly reactive free radicals, short wave UV light photons and other excited particles. When these species are excited by a high energy discharge, they effectively scrub the surface to be cleaned and is effective even on difficult to reach areas.

How do we surface activate composites and plastics?

The system is composed of a large Vacuum Plasma chamber, using a vacuum pump most of the air is removed from this sealed chamber. The chamber pressure will then reach the required level of remaining air (or other gas) and is subjected to a strong electrical field.

This strong electrical field ionises air and other gases, this super ionised air, also known as plasma then occupies the treatment chamber. The resulting modified surface has a strong chemical attraction to inks, paint, coatings, adhesives etc. leading to significantly enhanced surface energy and therefore adhesion.

As Vacuum Plasma is a cold Plasma, you will not experience and marking or grinning of composites – in fact, you won’t even be able to tell we’ve been there!

Pushing the boundaries of innovation…

The installation of the Vacuum Plasma unit has given Red Bull Racing the ability to take complete control of the Plasma Treatment process in house. This brings a large number of benefits, discounting the need to use external suppliers to treat parts prior to build, this reduces costs, gives control of time scales, eliminates the risk of damage during process and ensures process consistency.

Most importantly, the novel technology ensures innovative R&D on new materials development for Red Bull Racing helping them stay ahead of the curve.

Are you having problems with adhesion?

If you’re experiencing problems with adhesion, you can get in touch with the Dyne Technology team on +44(0) 1543 411 460 or by filling in the form on the Contact Us page.