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Plasma Treatment Upgrade for Leading Medical Device Manufacturer

Dyne Technology, the UK and Ireland’s Number One Plasma Treatment supplier,  has further added to their longstanding relationship with a pioneering medical device manufacturer.

First reaching out to Dyne Technology in 2011 when facing the problems of adhesion whilst developing and manufacturing a new medical device, the relationship has since continued to develop. Dyne Technology has gained trusted advisor status on solving the problems of adhesion, with employees attending Dyne Technology’s in-demand training course.  Following this, multiple laboratory sessions of testing to fully understand the adhesion problems faced by the customer and more importantly, find the appropriate solution.

Following rigorous testing, for the state-of-the art, high technology VacuTEC Vacuum Plasma unit was chosen to upgrade previous, smaller, lower technology plasma system within their research and development facilities.

Why Vacuum Plasma?

Vacuum Plasma Treatment

The VacuTEC provides an easily repeatable process, utilising tried and tested Plasma technology that is proven to solve the problems of adhesion. The VacuTEC’s chamber size can be built bespoke to the customers’ needs; in this instance, the customer opted for a large chamber size to increase production capabilities. The large vacuum chamber provides the perfect solution for treating a high volume of parts and has been designed with a fully integrated standard production jig. The production jig aids the treatment process, perfectly fitting within the multistep manufacturing process.

The unit has been designed to be slim-line and compact, reducing all-important floor space and comes with a fully integrated vacuum pump. The unit is mounted on wheels to allow easy integration into the production facility and boasts plug and play technology to ensure simple set up.

The installation of the VacuTEC has given enhanced ability to take control of their manufacturing process and further develop the leading medical components which they have become renowned for.

Could Vacuum Plasma benefit you?

Plasma surface activation removes the need for environmentally damaging chemical pre-treatments including solvent based primers and is environmentally friendly and clean room compatible.

Vacuum Plasma Treatment of Medical DevicesThe highly versatile VacuTEC with its large plasma chamber allows for the surface activation and surface cleaning of a wide variety of components across a large range of industries from automotive to aerospace, medical plastics to motorsport. Suitable for use on a wide use of materials, such as polymers, polyolefins, woven fibres, metals, rubber and more, Plasma Treatment is gaining increasing momentum throughout the UK and Ireland’s manufacturing industries.

Our cold Plasma Treating technology ensures that no damage is done to the treated component, including composite blends such as glass filled Polypropylene. If you are seeking a green alternative to harsh chemical solvents and high temperature flame treatments, plasma may provide the answer.

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