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Plasma Treating Changes Functionality of Graphene

pdf downloadHaydale, the well-known UK based company with a mission for enabling technology for the commercialisation of graphene, has entered into an exclusive development and supply agreement for the supply of Tantec Plasma Chambers. Lichfield based Dyne Technology Ltd. are the exclusive suppliers for the UK and Ireland for this revolutionary Plasma Treating technology.

Graphene is made from a layer of carbon one-atom thick yet is 200 times stronger than steel, has a higher electrical conductivity and is an excellent thermal conductor. However, despite Graphene’s desirable properties, implementing graphene sheets into industry applications can prove problematic.

Plasma Treating technology has allowed Haydale to help to solve the problems of using Graphene in practical industry applications by changing the materials functionality.

By working in close partnership with Tantec engineers, the Haydale team were able to share knowledge and expertise to create a patented process unique to Haydale using custom built Plasma Treating reactors.

Securing a contract with Haydale for the supply of plasma reactors has led to the installation of multiple systems all helping to increase Haydale’s surface treatment capacity. The new Tantec plasma reactors ensure that Haydale have a high degree of control over their manufacturing process while ensuring precision and consistency of treatment guaranteeing high performance.

Plasma Surface Modification to Change Material Functionality

Plasma Treatment of Graphene
Structure of Graphene courtesy of Wiki

Plasma Treating has allowed Haydale to create a unique plasma surface modification process which can meet customer demands for the increased functionalisation of graphene. Plasma Treating has ensured Haydale’s innovative process is capable of creating a wide range of surface modifications from bonding to repelling specific chemicals.

By teaming Haydale’s knowledge and expertise with our revolutionary Plasma Treating technology, a unique process has been created which adds value to graphene; The patented functionalisation process ensures consistent levels of treatment, can be tailored to meet the application required by the end user and has the flexibility to scale up volumes for future demand.

Plasma Treating technology has provided Haydale with an economic, efficient and effective method of supplying tailored solutions to enhance the functionality of graphene. To optimise the materials mechanical properties, good dispersion and the structural uniformity of nanoparticles is vital and Plasma Treating ensures this is achieved without damaging the material structure or adding environmentally damaging impurities.

eco_friendlyAlternative methods for functionalising graphene involve thermal and chemical shocking agents which, although offer flexibility in scale of production, can cause damage to the materials structure which can ultimately damage of the level of treatment achieved and result in defects with the final product.

Plasma Treating to change material functionality is an environmentally friendly process which removes the need for chemical agents and other environmentally damaging processes, which is not only beneficial for the environment, but has the potential to lower work place hazards and associated costs.

How is Plasma Functionalisation achieved?

Functionalisation is achieved through a low-pressure, low temperature Plasma Treatment process which achieves consistent and highly effective treatment on both mined and organic fine powder as well as other synthetically produced nanomaterial powders, producing high quality, few layered graphene’s and graphene nanoplatelets.

The Plasma Treatment process can functionalise with a wide range of chemical groups, with the level of functionalisation being tailored to the customer’s needs. Good dispersion improves the properties and performance of the host material and ensures the final product performs as specified.

Ray Gibbs, CEO at Haydale has commented on the “track record of performance” the custom built Tantec Plasma Treatment reactors have provided alongside being “confident in its engineering and build quality”.

Ray Gibbs continues, “These machines not only provide us with required capacity increase but a flexible operating capability to rapidly meet customer requirements. We also have a continual program of reactor developments to enhance the features and benefits of the machines which are expected to generate additional intellectual property to add to our existing “family” of patents.”

Plasma surface modification has opened a wealth of opportunity for Haydale’s unique process which transforms Graphene’s place within the composites industry. No longer is graphene effectively inert within manufacturing because of its poor dispersive and bonding qualities; the unique Plasma functionalisation process from UK based Dyne Technology Ltd. ensures consistent, high quality, environmentally friendly treatment while dramatically widening the scope of potential for Graphene to be used within practical industry applications.

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