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Plasma Takes Aerospace Manufacturer’s Adhesion to New Heights

pdf downloadVacuum Plasma has provided an ideal solution for one of the world’s largest manufacturers of aircraft parts. The industry leading aviation and aerospace specialist first considered Plasma Treatment when facing difficulties bonding aluminium honeycomb to a polymer based outer layer.

Dyne Technology, the UK and Ireland’s Number One Plasma Treating equipment supplier, worked closely with the customer’s team of engineers during the research and development stages to develop an effective process to improve adhesion. Following several in depth trials and investigations at Dyne Technology’s Lichfield, Staffordshire based Technical Centre, it was determined that the super cleaning of aluminium honeycomb was vital to improve adhesion.

Vacuum Plasma unit
A VacuTEC unit supplied by Dyne Technology

Vacuum Plasma technology, the VacuTEC, was determined the most appropriate method of super cleaning the honeycomb aluminium prior to bonding due to the repeatability and consistency of results offered.

Ideal for safety critical processes, Vacuum Plasma offers a uniform and reproducible process, swift treatment times and ensures optimum adhesion properties for the honeycomb aluminium.  The VacuTEC is mounted on wheels to allow easy integration into the production facility and boasts plug and play technology to ensure simple set up.

How does Plasma Cleaning work?

Our incredible novel technology super cleans the surface of the material undergoing treatment which in turn increases the strength of bond that can be achieved.

Vacuum Plasma Treatment AerospacePlasma is created when a gas, in this instance and many others, compressed air, is subjected to a high energy discharge: the gas breaks up into electrons, ions, highly reactive free radicals, short wave UV light photons and other excited particles. When these species are excited by a high energy discharge, they effectively scrub the surface to be cleaned.

Ideal for complex geometry parts, such as honeycomb aluminium, the high energy discharge is able to effectively clean difficult to reach areas such as the individual cells of the aluminium honeycomb uniformly across the entirety of the part.

Trusted technology, bespoke chamber size

Example Chamber Size

The VacuTEC provides an easily repeatable process, utilising tried and tested Plasma technology that is proven to solve the problems of adhesion. The VacuTEC’s chamber size can be built bespoke to the customers’ needs; in this instance, the customer opted for a large chamber size with a 2000 litre capacity to fit their large components.

The installation of the VacuTEC has given our customer the ability to take control of their manufacturing process, ensuring that they have found a safety critical and repeatable method of surface cleaning they can rely on.

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