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Corona Treatment of Polypropylene Sheets for ARM Buildings

ARM Buildings Limited, one of the largest suppliers of pig buildings within the UK, have been operating within the industry for thirty-five years. Their long history of product development has undoubtedly helped to cement their outstanding reputation for being a high quality service provider for both the engineering and building industries.

ARM Buildings contacted Dyne Technology when seeking a solution to gaining strong adhesion to the internal polypropylene panel cladding used to build the high quality pig buildings.

With over 40 years industry experience, UK based Dyne Technology were confident that by working closely with the ARM Buildings team, a solution could be found that would both solve the problems of adhesion and optimise their manufacturing process. Working together with the engineers at Lichfield based Dyne Technology, the ARM Buildings team has implemented a solution to improve the adhesion of the low surface energy polypropylene internal cladding.

“Dyne Technology is the perfect partner for us, they offer excellent UK based support, have a very flexible approach and they were both technically and commercially competitive”. – Andrew Brittain, Operations Director – ARM Buildings

Corona Treating PolypropyleneThe most appropriate Surface Treatment Technology was proven to be the Foam and Board Corona Treating unit, used to modify the surface of the polypropylene internal face panel. Corona Treating significantly increases the polypropylene’s polarity, which significantly contributes to the level of adhesion that can be achieved, prior to bonding onto the stud frame and insulation.

Corona Treatment of Polypropylene sheets

The Dyne Technology team worked closely with the engineers at ARM Buildings to ensure the specification of the Corona Treating unit met their exact requirements. Single and dual sided treatment systems are available with a treatment width of up to 3 metres wide and a board thickness of up to 50mm. In this instance only a single side of the polypropylene panel needed to undergo surface activation which brought ARM Buildings considerable cost savings.Foam and Board Corona Treating

The board and foam Corona Treating unit is mounted on wheels to allow easy relocation within the production facility, giving flexibility to ARM Buildings’ manufacturing process. The unit is equipped with an automatic sliding door which enables easy access to the treating area for cleaning or maintenance.

The unit is also equipped with safety switches and interlocks to ensure safe use, while an ozone extraction and filter system is supplied which eliminates ozone generated during the treatment process ensuring safe use. After delivery, Dyne Technology’s UK based experts installed and commissioned the unit before conducting on-site training for the ARM Buildings production teams.

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