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Corona Treatment of Glass Sheets Prior to Coating Application

A stand-alone Corona Treatment unit is the surface activation method of choice for a major European glass producer when seeking improved bond strength to glass sheets prior to a coating application.

The glass sheets undergoing treatment vary in size from 50mm to 1000m, as a result of this, the customer sought a flexible solution to ensure consistent treatment levels despite the parts varying in size.  Alongside this, a key customer demand was for a treatment system that did not damage the surface of the glass sheets during production.

Repeatable Surface Activation

To meet these key requirements, the stand- alone Corona Treatment unit is well equipped to ensure consistent treatment of the varying size glass panels which can be processed at a range of treatment speeds from 500mm per minute to 3000mm per minute.  The solution provided utilises a single high frequency wire electrode which is accurately positioned 2mm off the surface to be treated; this accurate positioning ensures no damage to the material’s surface while achieving optimal, consistent treatment levels.

The low maintenance, high performance treatment system is available for both single and double sided treatment, providing flexibility to fit your manufacturing process while ensuring optimal treatment levels.

To facilitate ease of installation at the customer site the standalone Corona Treatment unit was bench mounted to also ensure easy integration into the existing manufacturing process.

The unit comes equipped with an inbuilt conveyor for transporting the glass panels underneath the treatment head to ensure the unit operates at optimum treatment parameters and the required treatment speed is maintained; this easily repeatable process ensures a high quality, consistent and reliable level of treatment is achieved throughout the manufacturing process.

Could Plasma Treatment be for you?

Plasma surface treatment technology is an innovative and cost effective solution to the problem of adhesion and wetting in many industries.  Plasma surface activation and plasma cleaning are reliable, high performance methods of surface preparation prior to printing, bonding, painting, varnishing and coating processes.

Plasma treatment provides an economical solution for the cleaning and surface activation of “non-stick” polymers, composite blends, metals, ceramics and glass before further processing. Plasma Treating provides flexibility on parts undergoing treatment, being an effective, economical surface preparation method for sheet and web materials, complex geometry parts, extrusions and many more.

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