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Large Vacuum Plasma Chamber for Major Automotive Sub-Supplier

pdf downloadA globally recognised automotive sub-supplier supplier reached out to Dyne Technology when facing problems of adhesion to polypropylene interior trim parts for a luxury vehicle. Our customers engineers worked in close partnership with trusted advisors Dyne Technology on the topic of solving adhesion problems to “non-stick” plastics, such as Polypropylene.

Following laboratory testing, the plastic parts were determined to have low surface energy and low polarity, making good adhesion at best difficult but more commonly impossible. After identifying the problem and a solution, The Dyne Technology technical team turned to ensuring that the Plasma Treating solution identified was the best fit for their manufacturing process. With the interior trim requiring surface treatment to increase its surface energy and the manufacturing process requiring the use of a jig system due to a multi-step process, Vacuum Plasma was identified as the best solution to meet our customers’ requirements.

How does the VacuTEC increase adhesion levels?

Vacuum Plasma Chamber Automotive Parts
Inside a Vacuum Plasma chamber treating automotive parts

The ideal solution for the surface activation of the polypropylene interior trim is the highly effective Vacuum Plasma unit – the VacuTEC.

The VacuTEC utilises a vacuum pump to remove most of the air from a large chamber. When the chamber pressure reaches the required level the remaining air in the chamber is super ionised creating what is known as plasma, this occupies the chamber for a pre-determined time and can attach to the material’s surface resulting in the formation of additional polar groups which increases the material’s surface energy. The resulting modified surface has a strong chemical attraction to inks, paint, coatings, adhesives etc. leading to significantly enhanced surface energy and therefore adhesion.

The VacuTEC Vacuum Plasma Unit

Dyne Technology engineers worked closely with our customers engineers throughout the project conducting a large range of process trials and studies before agreeing a detailed specification.

Vacuum Plasma Chamber Automotive Sub-SupplierThe large chamber size is able to surface treat multiple interior trim components at once using a jig system bespoke to the customer. The high intensity Plasma is able to treat a complete jig of components within a 60 second cycle.

The VacuTEC is easily integrated into production facilities, complete with a vacuum pump, the unit requires only a compressed air and mains electricity connection to be operational. This plug and play technology ensures that the unit is easy to use but most importantly, instantly operational.

Equipped with remote access features the VacuTEC allows monitoring of machine performance and allows easy access to the unit if any difficulties arise, minimising downtime and optimising production output.

Giving back control…

Our customer are now in full control of their manufacturing process with the VacuTEC removing the need to outsource surface treatment to external suppliers, this reduces costs and gives control on time scales. Arguably most importantly, the VacuTEC provides an easily repeatable process to ensure consistent levels of surface activation.

If you’d like to find out more about how Plasma can improve adhesion to “non-stick” plastics and examples of our automotive installations, why not give the Dyne Technology engineers a call on +44(0) 1543 411 460.