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Robotic Atmospheric Plasma installed with Automotive Supplier

Atmospheric Plasma TreatmentDyne Technology Ltd are proud to have supplied Wipac Ltd, the world class design and manufacturing company who are renowned for their high technology exterior LED lighting headlamps and rear lamps for the world’s most prestigious car makers.

DYNE logoWipac faced the age old problems of adhesion when seeking to improve the adhesive bond of their rear lighting chrome plated plastic embellishers. Wipac required the production solution to be efficient, cost effective and highly flexible and sought advice from Dyne Technology, the trusted advisers for solving the problems of adhesion to a wide range of materials including polymers, EPDM and composite blends. The engineers at Dyne Technology developed a solution that met all three of these key criteria that would enable Wipac to treat the embellisher prior to application of a double sided adhesive tape prior to fixing it to the rear lighting cluster.

Repeatable, High Performance Plasma Treatment

Atmospheric Plasma TreatmentThe solution of choice is a robot mounted Atmospheric Plasma unit, also referred to as “air plasma”, giving Wipac the process control and flexibility they required. The robot ensures consistent and accurate positioning of the plasma nozzle throughout the complete surface treatment cycle, ensuring a consistent plasma application. The unit installed offers flexibility for future changes to manufacturing process, allowing easy integration of additional process equipment.

Dyne Technology has a successful partnership with a number of leading Robotic suppliers, this allows Dyne Technology to provide an exceptional package that is both functional and easy to integrate into new and existing production facilities.

“The Dyne Technology team were involved with us every step of the way, working closely with our manufacturing engineers during the initial trials, concept development and providing a cost effective and robust solution. The production system installed has improved the adhesion of our materials and therefore the overall quality, reliability and performance of our products.” – Dave Benton, Manufacturing Director – Wipac Ltd

How does the system work?

Question ButtonA typical Robotic Plasma Cell from Dyne Technology incorporates a multi axis robot that is easy to set up, offers a large screen programme system and has a fast ramp up time. The robot easily performs 3-dimensional linear and arc interpolations with positional repeatability of +- 0.01mm.  The dialogue based operating software ensures programming is simple, this eliminates complicated programming language for increased ease of use.

The robot is equipped with an Atmospheric  Plasma System which is powered from a generator which is located within the lower section of the cell. The robotic Plasma cell has been designed to be easy to operate alongside being simple to maintain with its compact design and small factory footprint. The robot mounted Atmospheric Plasma system supplied by Dyne Technology has proved to be a great success with Wipac Limited.

Are you having problems with adhesion?

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