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Atmospheric Plasma Treatment for Brandon Medical Company

Atmospheric Plasma Improves Adhesion for Brandon Medical

Atmospheric Plasma Treatment has provided one easy solution for Brandon Medical Company. Brandon Medical are experts in the field of medical lighting design with over 40 years of healthcare experience. The Company manufactures and markets a range of medical lighting products from major operating theatre lamps through to bed head lamps.  Brandon Medical supply to the NHS (National Health Service), private hospitals, clinics and to primary care (family doctors) throughout the U.K. and Ireland.

DYNE logoWith Brandon Medical seeking to improve adhesion across a variety of components they produced, they contacted Dyne Technology, the trusted adviser for those looking for a solution to the problems of adhesion within the medical device manufacturing industry.

Solving the problems of adhesion

Seeking a highly efficient and cost effective solution to increase the surface energy of components to improve adhesion, the Brandon Medical team worked closely with Dyne Technology.

Question ButtonInitially, wide ranging discussions around the adhesion problems Brandon Medical were experiencing were held, after which, it was decided that a visit  to The Dyne Technology Centre in Lichfield was necessary to investigate the causes of the adhesion problems Brandon were experiencing.

An efficient, economic and flexible solution

Atmospheric Plasma TreatmentFollowing a series of tests it became clear that the surface needed to be both cleaned and activated to allow the coating to fully wet the surface and achieve the high level of adhesion required. From understanding Brandon Medical’s manufacturing process and the challenges they were facing, the surface treatment solution of choice was the Atmospheric Plasma Treatment unit.

The engineers at Dyne Technology developed a solution that met all three of these key criteria being economic, efficient and flexible. Employing a 3 axis Janome bench top robot equipped with an Atmospheric Plasma Treatment unit gave Brandon Medical the process control and flexibility required. The 3 axis bench top robot ensures accurate positioning of the Atmospheric Plasma Treatment nozzle throughout the entire surface treatment cycle, thereby guaranteeing a consistent plasma application. The cell is designed to allow the future integration of additional process equipment, giving the unit flexibility for any changes to Brandon Medical’s future manufacturing process.

“The knowledge and expertise of the Dyne Technology team was invaluable; they were totally committed to finding the ‘right solution for us at Brandon Medical. The production system installed has improved the adhesion of our coatings and therefore the overall quality, reliability and performance of our products.” – Nigel Davill, Technical Director – Brandon Medical

The high efficiency Plasma Treatment is achieved by passing compressed air through a cylinder and nozzle assembly and subjecting it to a strong electrical field that ionises most of its atoms. The resulting super ionised air or what can also be referred to as Plasma is ejected through the nozzle tip and can be used for surface modification or surface cleaning.

Could Plasma Treating be for you?

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