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Atmospheric Plasma Treatment of Solar Panels

Repeatable process, consistent results

The multi-nozzle treatment head is automatically traversed over the panel to be treated at a consistent speed to ensure the same standard of surface activation is achieved across all parts treated.
Equipped with a PLC central control unit, Plasma Treating met the customer’s’ requirements by offering reliable, accurate and easily repeatable levels of targeted surface treatment prior to bonding applications.
The automated unit offers a high degree of control over your manufacturing process
• The unit’s infeed and outfeed is easily automated or manual dependent upon your manufacturing needs
• The targeted treatment area can be as small as 6mm to as large as 2 metres
• Each nozzle is quickly and easily locally adjustable in horizontal and vertical directions

Could Plasma Treating be for you?

Plasma surface treatment technology is an innovative and cost effective solution to the problem of adhesion and wetting in many industries. Plasma surface activation and plasma cleaning are reliable, high performance methods of surface preparation prior to printing, bonding, painting, varnishing and coating processes.

Question ButtonPlasma treatment provides an economical solution for the cleaning and surface activation of “non-stick” polymers, composite blends, metals, ceramics and glass before further processing. Plasma Treating provides flexibility on parts undergoing treatment, being an effective, economical surface preparation method for sheet and web materials, complex geometry parts, extrusions and many more.

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