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Welcome to the world of Plasma Treating…

Dyne Technology are proud to announce the launch of all new website Plasma Treating

fopisPlasma Treating was created to bridge an important gap in the market; where can the UK and Ireland’s engineers and manufacturers find technically correct, easy to understand information when facing the problems of adhesion?

In a break from the traditional product focused website, the UK and Ireland’s No 1 Plasma Treating equipment supplier, Dyne Technology, is bringing you the latest in Plasma Treating news.

Covering everything from the problems of adhesion and how to solve them, the science of Plasma Treating alongside the latest news with a Plasma Treating twist, you may want to book mark this page now!

Our interactive, social site, will be updated weekly with more from the world of Plasma Treatment, including case studies, blog posts, video resources and much more, so watch this space…

To get better acquainted, we thought an introductory interview with Managing Director of Dyne Technology, Chris Lines, who leads the Dyne Technology team, would give a face and some background to the Dyne Technology brand.

Let’s introduce ourselves…

Chris Lines has over 40 years’ experience within the surface treatment, finishing and automation industries and is a renowned specialist in the plasma surface treatment and plasma cleaning industry. Chris took the leap to found Dyne Technology ten years ago and hasn’t looked back since, despite his high workload!

Not only is Chris Managing Director of both Dyne Technology and Dyne Testing, he is also an in demand trainer and the trusted advisor throughout the UK and Ireland’s manufacturing industries.

Chris has worked in consultation with a number of prestigious institutions, educational and research institutes and market leading companies throughout high performance industries providing advice and support when seeking solutions for solving the problems of adhesion.

Why did Dyne Technology take the steps to launch Plasma Treating?

The Dyne Technology team is passionate about providing spot on technical advice and first class customer support. We don’t feel that there is enough information about the science of plasma treating, which is truly fascinating and opens doors for new research and development. We’re bringing you the latest in industry updates, we’ll be discussing the topics on everybody’s lips and bringing our passion and practical experience to the forefront by providing a platform where you can find trusted advice.

Do you have anything else exciting coming up?

Dyne Tech PPThe Plasma Treating website launching marks the start of something very exciting for us, a platform where we can host all of our excellent resources! In the past, we haven’t had an appropriate platform to showcase the practical applications of Plasma Treating which include videos, case studies and some really unique content.

You may want to check back for new product launches shortly as the future of Plasma truly is here, but for now, why not explore Plasma Treating and take a look through our wealth of resources that will continue to expand.