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LeakTEC Leak Detection offers perfect solution for DB Automation

DB Automation logoDyne Technology Ltd, the UK and Ireland’s number one Plasma Treating equipment supplier has recently supplied industry leading Leak Detection solution, LeakTEC, to leading system integrators and automation experts DB-Automation.

DB-Automation is an innovative, special purpose machine builder and supplier of spares and service for both UK and International clients. DB-Automation reached out to Dyne Technology when building a high cavitation injection mould tool with 32 cavities, de-mould and process in 7 seconds with limited floor space for a leading medical device manufacturer. It was imperative to the end user that no holes or faults in the moulding could result in leakage to ensure no bacteria could enter this sterile medical plastic component.

The ideal solution…

LeakTEC“The need to integrate a solution to meticulously test every injection moulded component into the special purpose machine was undoubtedly daunting and presented us with a huge challenge. Initially it would be normal for us to investigate a flow test or pressure decay test but at these cycle times and for this quantity of product (32 mouldings tested across a single plate simultaneously), it was a big ask for any conventional leak test to achieve.

Advanced Leak DetectionDuring visits to clients over the years, I have seen many “state-of-the-art” technologies with very interesting applications and one of these was using an
electric current to perform a leakage test; With this in mind, I set out to find the perfect solution.After making an initial enquiry with Dyne Technology, I made contact with Chris Lines, Managing Director and I don’t think I have ever met anybody as passionate about what they do as Chris. Chris clearly had passion but most importantly offered a truly confidential service, vital as Dyne Technology work with a large number of original equipment manufacturers, needless to say this immediately put ticks in a number of my boxes!

Within Dyne Technology’s impressive product portfolio is LeakTEC, a non-destructive method for inspecting plastic components for smallest of holes and faults. This high-technology product is manufactured by Tantec, a leading Danish manufacturer of surface modification, surface cleaning and leak detection equipment.

“Dyne Technology worked closely with our engineers to ensure that this technology was correct for our application; Thorough trials were undertaken at Dyne Technology’s High Technology Laboratory Facilities and it was proven that the LeakTEC can deliver on its bold claims. Easily meeting our high demands, the LeakTEC detected micron sized holes in our plastic components within fractions of a second across multiple products simultaneously.”- Nick Parker, Operations Director – DB Automation

LeakTEC: Advanced Leak Detection

LeakTEC Leak DetectionThe fully automatic leak test is capable of detecting the smallest of pin holes, even those smaller than three microns, by introducing an electrical potential between a detecting electrode and an electrical ground while the plastic part being tested acts as an insulator.
In the event of detecting a crack or pin hole in the plastic material, electrical contact is established between the electrode and ground. This pass or fail contact is processed via the integral generator module interfaced with the main machine control.

The machine controller can both enable a downstream ‘part-reject’ function and track trends in the manufacturing processes, this can then be fed back for early process adjustment or maintenance.

The final solution

LeakTEC Leak Testing SolutionDuring the design phase of the project, DB-Automation worked in close unison with both Dyne Technology and Tantec engineers to collaboratively create the tooling for the testing solution.
Through continuous liaison and discussion, the design was completed and consisted of a dedicated high speed side entry beam robot to de-mould the product from the tool which takes less than a second.

LeakTEC Leak Detection IntegrationThe beam robot then hands over to a take-off unit which re-orientates the product and places it onto a further high speed transfer axis to provide the movement from the put down position, to the testing station and onward to the unload and segregation area.
Each of the 32 components from every mould cycle is inspected for a leak and rejected if necessary. The system is capable of processing almost 16,500 parts per hour at a 100% inspection rate, with little to no operator intervention.

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