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Corona Treatment of Polymer Sheets

Corona Treatment provides an excellent method of improving adhesion quality to polymer sheets prior to bonding, printing, coating and laminating applications.

The Tantec SheetTEC, supplied exclusively throughout the UK and Ireland by Dyne Technology, is an excellent option for the treatment of sheets to improve wettability and the quality of adhesion that can be achieved.

SheetTEC - Corona Treatment Polymer SheetsA large amount of plastics widely used throughout manufacturing have a low surface energy which can often cause those working with them many headaches. When attempting to coat these materials, it is not uncommon to experience inks, paints and coatings forming into beads on the materials surface; poor adhesion is often experienced due to the poor chemical affinity between the coating/adhesive and the material.

To obtain optimum adhesion qualities, increase bond strength and reduce the bond area and in some cases, amount of adhesive required, the SheetTEC is the perfect option for improving the adhesion qualities of polymer sheets.

What is Corona Treatment?

Corona Treatment creates a high voltage, high frequency corona discharge in close proximity to the component that requires treating. The high-energy corona discharge is attracted to the material severing the molecular bonds on the surface.

Corona Treatment Polymer SheetsAs a result, these severed bonds are now free to attach to free radicals and other particles that occur within the corona discharge environment, which is highly active due to the partial ionisation of the surrounding atmosphere. Thus, additional polar groups form on the materials surface and have a strong chemical affinity to the coatings, paints, adhesives and sealants that were once repelled.

Why SheetTEC technology?

Utilising our proven and reliable SheetTEC technology, the units are made to size to meet your exact requirements, offering both peace of mind and flexibility. SheetTEC is present in other manufacturing processes improving the adhesion quality of a variety of materials including PE, PVC, PMMA and other non-conductive materials which are up to 10mm thick.

Easily installed as a stand-alone unit or with a conveyor system for easy integration into new and existing production lines, the SheetTEC offers flexibility to fit perfectly within your manufacturing process.

Question ButtonTreatment times can range from two to five seconds, depending on a number of variables including material type, thickness and sheet size.

The SheetTEC is equipped with relevant safety switches and interlocks to ensure safe use, while an ozone extraction and filter system is supplied which eliminates ozone generated during the treatment process ensuring safe use.

If you want to read more about improving adhesion to polymer sheets, take a look at our ARM Buildings case study where the sheets treated are up to three meters wide with a 50mm thickness.

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