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Automotive Revolutionises Atmospheric Plasma

Designed with Automotive in Mind

The Dyne Technology team work closely with automotive engineers, using practical knowledge and expertise not only to find a solution to their problems of adhesion, but to implement the most practical solution for their needs.

We understand the practical needs of the automotive industry and communicate this knowledge, along with product development suggestions to ensure that our Plasma Technology can better serve the industry. When combined with Tantec’s manufacturing and engineering expertise, they are then able to take all of this into account and design world leading Plasma technology.

eureka-magazineIndustry renowned publications British Plastics and Rubber, Eureka Magazine (click the logo for a downloadable PDF!) and Engineering Materials have all featured how the new PlasmaTEC-X is boosting Automotive manufacturing and engineering.

Atmospheric Plasma Treatment AutomotiveAtmospheric Plasma is ideal for:

In line processes & integration with automation
High line speeds
Targeted large and small treatment areas
Ideal for extrusions


The Surface Preparation Method of Choice

With over a decade’s experience of working closely with the automotive industry to improve adhesion to a variety of substrates and components, we have witnessed a huge shift of automotive manufacturers moving over from high temperature flame torch treatments to more economical, efficient and environmentally friendly Plasma Treatment.

Why? Our Plasma Treatments are of relatively low temperature and ensure no heat damage to the treated material (you won’t even be able to see we’ve been there!), as we have witnessed composite materials, for example glass filled polypropylene, caused to grin due to the high temperature.

Not only is Plasma Treatment far more gentle to the treated material but it also offers an easily repeatable process and comes in a range of products, including Vacuum Chamber Plasma, and the subject of today’s blog, Atmospheric Plasma, to ensure there is a solution that can be easily integrated into new and existing production processes.

Question ButtonFlame Treatment comes at a high price, not only with the cost of gas and compressed air, but also the high insurance costs associated with having a naked flame within a production environment.

Price ultimately plays a factor for those looking to switch to something not only more economical, but environmentally friendly. The Atmospheric Plasma system runs off a 13-amp electrical supply and a standard factory compressed air line, ensuring the unit is not only economical to run, but easy to integrate into new and existing production facilities.

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