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An insight into Atmospheric Plasma Treatment

Today’s blog is an updated version of our popular “Five Atmospheric Plasma facts you need to know” back from early 2016. We’ve updated it for you, so you can now get even more from the blog and refresh your memory on all things Plasma Treatment.

Atmospheric Plasma TreatmentAlthough being known by different names,  such as “open air Plasma”, a “Plasma jet” and “air Plasma”, it’s the same innovative technology that provides economic, efficient and highly effective solutions those facing problems with adhesion, surface cleaning and wetting. Surface activation is often used prior to printing, painting, varnishing, coating and bonding processes.

Atmospheric Pressure Plasma is also suitable for use on a wide range of substrates from traditionally “non-stick” polymers and composite materials alongside metals for both surface activation and surface cleaning.

Small in size, high in capability

From single nozzle to multi nozzle, rotating plasma (video below) to robotic plasma, the low-footprint technology is a highly versatile technology making it a go-to problem solver for the problems of adhesion for those working within the UK and Ireland’s manufacturing industries.

Not only perfect for the surface activation of “non-stick” polymers and composite materials, it is also ideal for removing organic contaminants from the surface of metals such as Aluminium and Titanium to increase adhesion.

Plasma and Automation, the perfect pairing

As the manufacturing and robotics industry continue to converge at an ever increasing rate, Plasma Treatment is easily integrated into new or existing production facilities and is the perfect addition to an automated process.
Discover flexibility for in-line and batch production whether you are working with 3D parts or complex geometry parts.  The robot is easily re-programmable allowing a wide range of components to undergo treatment giving you flexibility and an investment that keeps on giving.

Go green in 2017!

We’re proud to advocate Plasma as an environmentally friendly process which is used to achieve consistently high cleanliness and improve bond strength? Plasma provides a green alternative to harsh chemical processes for the removal of organic contaminants, this can bring the potential to lower hazards and reduce costs.

When using Plasma Treating for surface activation, the need for costly primers and bonding agents are eliminated while allowing the use of environmentally friendly water based adhesives. Not only are water based adhesives far more environmentally friendly in comparison to solvent based adhesives, they also have the potential to lower hazards in the workplace and reduce manufacturing costs.

Green Atmospheric Plasma TreatmentPlasma is also an excellent alternative to Flame Torch Treatment, as although not damaging to the environment, the use of a naked flame can present significant health and safety concerns, this is often reflected in the higher cost of buildings insurance to manufacturers using this process.

You can take a look at our work with Copely Developments, who reached out to us when looking to upgraded their surface activation process from Flame Treatment to Atmospheric Plasma Treatment.

Perfect for extrusion and print lines

Multi Nozzle Atmospheric Plasma TreatmentThe novel technology has proved an invaluable addition when treating extruded products because of the easy integration into production lines. Plasma Nozzles are often the surface activator and surface cleaner of choice for those working with extruded products because of its high speed capabilities. (up to 400 meters of extruded product a minute!)

What materials can be Plasma Treated? Plasma Treatment is perfect for extruded products made from traditionally “non-stick” polymers, such as polypropylene, composite blends and metals, such as the plasma cleaning of aluminium profiles prior to bonding applications.

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