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NEW Plasma System to Boost Automotive Manufacturing

Dyne TechnologyThe UK and Ireland’s Number One Plasma Treatment technology supplier, Dyne Technology, introduce the NEW PlasmaTEC-X Atmospheric Plasma System.

Solving the problems of adhesion for some of the industry’s top names including Bentley, Grupo Antolin, Wipac and Jaguar Land Rover, the Dyne Technology team have cemented their reputation as the trusted advisor for adhesion issues. Atmospheric Plasma provides an economical, efficient and environmentally friendly method of improving adhesion and wetting qualities of a wide range of substrates from traditionally “non-stick” polymers to composite blends, ceramics, glass and metals.

TPlasma-Treatment-of-automotive-componentshis popular method of material preparation is often undertaken prior to bonding and coating applications on small, targeted treatment areas due to the high level
of accuracy and repeatability offered. Example components treated include brake pads, centre consoles, instrument panels, engine control units, EPDM profiles, lighting units and a wide range of interior and exterior trim components.

Small Footprint, High Performance

Automated Atmospheric Plasma Treatment AutomotiveLess than half the size of traditional Atmospheric Plasma systems, the PlasmaTEC-X offers a small foot print and Dyne Technology’s highest performance Atmospheric Plasma output yet. Boost Mode further increases Plasma output by up to 50%, perfect for the high performance automotive industry. Intelligent PlasmaTEC-X continuously monitors air flow to ensure that the unit is consistently running at its optimum performance levels ensuring high performance, reliability and repeatability.

Question ButtonFor those with high demands, operate up to EIGHT plasma nozzles via one control box and choose your cable length from two to eight metres. The PlasmaTEC-X’s plug and play technology ensures the unit is easily installed with automation alongside new and existing production lines while the easy to set up timer mode allows for both simultaneous and independent nozzle operation.

High Performance = High Cost? Think Again…

The intelligent system automatically monitors wear and tear of components removing the guess work for consumables replacement, minimising unexpected downtime and reducing the cost of consumables as you only replace parts when necessary.

The latest in high power, high performance technology with a lower cost of ownership than previous models? Absolutely.

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