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Five reasons to get excited over Atmospheric Plasma…

Versatility of Treatment

Whether you’re interested in Surface Modification or Surface Cleanliness, Atmospheric Plasma can do that for you. Suitable for a wide range of materials, including “non-stick” plastics e.g. Polypropylene, Polyethylene and more, composite blends, EPDM and rubber, metals and more; The list could go on and on!

Compact and High Performance Technology

Plasma TEC X 1 sæt CC (003)The brand new PlasmaTEC-X is less than a third of the size of traditional Atmospheric Plasma units! Despite the decrease in size, the PlasmaTEC-X works harder than ever before to bring you high power surface treatment with lower operating costs. We can now run eight plasma nozzles from one controller using a daisy chain system with flexible cable lengths of up to 4 meters. Not only that, but the PlasmaTEC-X gives you the freedom to operate each nozzle independently or in unison to give you the ultimate performance for your needs.

Intelligent Surface Treatment

Atmospheric-Plasma-NozzlePlasma Treating has come a long way over the past few years and new, intelligent units are hitting the market. Our favourite feature? The PlasmaTEC-X unit comes equipped with the unique Air Flow feature, Air Flow automatically adjusts air pressure levels dependent upon output to ensure the unit is always performing at its optimum level.

Easy Integration into New and Existing Production Lines

Atmospheric Plasma Treatment - PlasmaTEC-XEasily integrated into production lines, this revolutionary technology is ideal for both small and large targeted treatment areas, high line speeds, treatment of extrusion lines and more. Ideal for use with automation, the brand new PlasmaTEC-X system boasts plug and play technology, simply set your controls, daisy chain your system together and you’re good to go.

Innovation in Your Hands

spintecThe level of innovation that we continue to see developing is undoubtedly one of the most exciting things about Atmospheric Plasma technology. SpinTEC harnesses the power of Atmospheric Plasma but with new technology; The SpinTEC uses two Plasma Nozzles mounted to a high technology motor reaching up to 1000 rpm. Why would you choose the SpinTEC? This is for engineers seeking larger areas of treatment (up to 150mm) that wouldn’t typically be achieved with traditional Atmospheric Plasma systems. The inward facing nozzles ensure even and consistent treatment, whereas the rotation minimises heat impact meaning we can now treat more heat sensitive materials using this method.

The innovations we have seen are shaping the future of Plasma Treatment and the best is yet to come…

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