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 Dyne Technology, the UK and Ireland’s leading Plasma technology supplier are excited to bring you the future of Plasma…

Dyne TechnologyThe Dyne Technology team have 40 years of practical experience in Industrial Automation and Surface Treatment and are proudly the UK and Ireland’s leading plasma treating equipment supplier.

pay-in-30-daysA privately owned limited company centrally located in Lichfield, the heart of the Midlands, with offices that include a laboratory with a wide range of highperformance surface treatment and measurement technologies. Our state of the art laboratory serves customers throughout the UK and Ireland and is recognised as the Centre of Excellence for the Surface Modification and Surface Testing industry.

We specialise in being innovators, supplying cutting edge, efficient, environmentally friendly and affordable Plasma Surface Treatment, Corona Treating Equipment and Robotic
Automation solutions. From companies small to large, working with industries from automotive to aerospace, Dyne Technology will work with you to find a solution to best fit your production needs.

Plasma treating puts the power of innovation in your hands. Whether you are seeking to improve the bond strength of adhesion to plastics, composites and metals or improve print adhesion on non-stick plastics, plasma treating can solve your adhesion problems.

For the innovation seekers, plasma treating has a proven track record of optimising process performance. Accessing this novel technology has allowed for the development of unique treatment processes allowing the customers of Dyne Technology to leap frog their competitors, increase the scope of materials available for new product development without compromising performance, change the functionality of plastics and composites. Plasma provides a wealth of opportunity for new materials development engineers.

High Power Plasma requires High Performance Measurement

SurfSurface Testing Equipmentace measurement and surface modification go hand in hand.  Before undertaking Plasma Treating, it is vital to understand the properties of the material being treated and often Dyne Technology customers require precise, accurate and reliable surface measurement solutions.

Dyne Testing Ltd are experts in delivering easy to use and accurate surface measurement solutions. Dyne Testing are trusted suppliers of surface measurement solutions that deliver precision performance throughout manufacturing, educational and research establishments.

If you need to measure Adhesion, Surface Cleanliness, Surface Energy or Surface Tension, a full breakdown of information on the products available can be found at our sister company’s website,