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Plasma Treating from Dyne Technology

Dyne Technology Ltd , the UK and Ireland’s No 1 Plasma Treatment supplier, developed Plasma Treating to provide in depth educational articles, case studies and more so you can properly get to grips with the Plasma Surface Activation process.

Whether you work in Automotive, Aerospace, Medical Plastics, Motorsport, Packaging or Printing, Dyne Technology has cemented its reputation as the trusted adviser for adhesion, surface wetting and surface cleanliness issues.

Plasma Treatment is a highly versatile technology and is widely used to improve bond strength, print quality, surface wetting and surface cleanliness of a wide range of materials including “non-stick” plastics, composite materials, metals, glass and ceramics.

Why Plasma Treatment?

  • Improve adhesive bond strength to a wide range of materials including: plastics, composites, glass, metals.
  • Increase the quality of print adhesion, print quality, print durability etc.
  • Improve the wettability of surfaces.
  • Super clean metals, glass and ceramics.
  • Optimise process performance.
  • Increase the scope of new materials available for new product development without compromising performance.

Atmospheric Plasma Treatment

Atmospheric Plasma, can also referred to as a Plasma Nozzle, provides an innovative and versatile solution to adhesion and wetting problems throughout the UK & Ireland’s manufacturing industries. Atmospheric Plasma is fantastic for targeted treatment areas and getting in those small, hard to reach areas such as needle hubs.

  • Affordable, easy to justify investment with low running costs
  • High uptime and high reliability
  • Suitable for high line speeds
  • High treatment level – up to 72 Dynes/cm
  • Potential free discharge
  • Low temperature radiated to parts

Vacuum Plasma Treatment

Vacuum Plasma is widely used throughout the UK’s manufacturing industries, you’ll find lots of examples from automotive to medical device manufacturers under the case studies tab. Vacuum Plasma is ideal for batch and inline processing and is perfect for components that need the entirety of the surface treating and those with complex geometries.

Vacuum Plasma comes in a wide variety of chamber types including rotary (for small parts), single shelf (for large parts), multi shelf (for flat parts) and laboratory (for test and research facilities).

  • Ideal for batch and inline processing
  • Perfect for complex geometry components
  • Variety of chamber types available to fit perfectly within your manufacturing process
  • High treatment levels of up to 72 Dynes/cm
  • Fast processing speeds
  • Choice of treatment gases

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