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Why Plasma Treatment?

  • Improves adhesive bond strength to a wide range of materials including: plastics, composites, glass, metals.
  • Increases the quality of print adhesion, print quality, print durability etc.
  • Enhances adhesion on a wide range of material surfaces, from large flat sheets, web material to complex geometry extrusions.
  • Improving the wettability of surfaces.
  • Super cleaning metals, glass and ceramics.
  • Changes the functionality of plastics and composite materials.
  • Optimising process performance.
  • Increase the scope of new materials available for new product development without compromising performance.
  • The novel technology has been used in the development of unique treatment processes.

Dyne Technology Ltd , the UK’s leading supplier of Plasma Treatment solutions, is providing specialist industry insight into the world of Plasma Treating. Across Automotive and Aerospace, Medical Plastics to Motorsport, Packaging to Printing, Dyne Technology has cemented its reputation as the trusted adviser for adhesion, surface wetting and surface cleanliness issues.

Are seeking to improve the bond strength of adhesion to plastics, composites and metals? Or are you looking to improve print adhesion on non-stick plastics? Plasma Treating can solve your adhesion problems. If you would like to find out how the Dyne Technology team could help to optimise your manufacturing process, give us a call or send us an email and we will be happy to assist!